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The WholeTag™
The WholeTag™

The WholeTag™

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The WholeTag™ by Whole Pets PREMIUM.
GREAT IDENTIFICATION FOR YOUR DOG & CAT - When it comes to durability and quality our stainless steel tag with deep engraving holds up to the most active pet.
FAR STRONGER THAN ALUMINUM TAGS AND LESS PRONE TO WEAR - Stainless steel lasts longer and is unlikely to wear thin and break like aluminum tags. The deep engraving and laser protect are clear, durable, and attractive on a polished mirror-finish surface.
WITH 2 SIDED DEEP ENGRAVING & UP TO 8 LINES OF PERSONALIZED TEXT - There's plenty of room for all of your pet's important information - up to 4 lines on the front of tag and 4 lines on the back of tag. Please follow the ordering instruction below to place your order.


  1. Select Style, Size Printing method
  2. Click to "ADD TO CARD" and add your personalization details the tag at the field "Special instructions for seller". You may include up to 4 lines (12 characters each line) of text on each side (FRONT surface & BACK surface).
  3. Click to "CHECK OUT" only after you have completed the field with your customized information.


  • Stainless steel tag material
  • Double methods of print with deep engraving and laser protect or laser print only
  • "Deep engraving + Laser" is more resistant to external influences than "Laser only"
  • Tag with 2 print sides
  • Hypoallergenic for the pet
  • Durable for long-term use
  • Made in the USA by Whole Pets PREMIUM

Regular Sizes:

  • Dog Bone Size 1,5x1,0 inches (38x25mm)
  • Hearth Size 1,25x1,05 inches (32x27mm)
  • Round Size 1,4x1,2 inches (36x31mm)
  • Star Size 1,4x1,4 inches (36x36mm)
  • Rectangle Size 1,25x0,9 inches (32x23mm)
  • Bow Tie Size 1,6x1,1 inches (41x28mm)
  • Military Badge Size 1,5x0,9 inches (38x23mm)
  • Ranger Badge Size 1,4x1,4 inches (36x36mm)

* Small Sizes at 0,3 inches (8mm) less, than regular size

Customer Reviews

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Must have for your Pup!
Best pet tag; large, very deep engraving
Its only food if it stays on the collar
Best dog tag I have ever bought.
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